Photos by A. David


Photos by A. David is the Bremen & Berlin based photography studio of
A. David Holloway
onetwothree Studios
Gothaer Str. 35
28215, Bremen

Client List —
Vada Magazine
DNA Magazine online
Barcode Berlin
Always Habit
Something Else Entertainment


A. David has a background in fine art, having earned his bachelor degree in Photography (Fine Art Major) at The Queensland College of Art in Brisbane. After graduating, A. David moved with his partner to Bremen in Germany, where they have lived since 2011. He now works as a freelance photographic artist and commercial photographer in Germany.

In his time in Australia, A. David worked for several organisations including Something Else Entertainment creating character portraits, as well as working as a nightclub photographer for a local LGBT magazine. After moving to Bremen, Germany, A. David has worked as a fashion photographer for Vada Magazine and, and as a freelance photographer in Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, and The United States. 


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