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Adventure in Pula - Day 3

Today began with a quick trip to the gym, and after breakfast, we drove back to Fažana to attend a short olive tasting course. We discovered that good olive oil has a distinct aroma that, not unlike wine, comes through the fruit depending on the soil and the water it is in when grown. Good oil should feel light in your mouth and leave a slightly peppery burn on the back of your throat after you swallow it. 

Turns out, the best way to know if it's a decent oil is to taste it and to get it from a smaller supplier, rather than a supermarket one. Also, turns out better olive oil is better to cook and fry with as it has a higher smoke point than supermarket brands, and also has more beneficial qualities in the oil which are usually missing from the low-quality supermarket brands. 

After this, we retired to the Park Plaza Histria Yacht Club, where we enjoyed lunch on the terrace looking out into the azure-blue sky and turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. 


Fruit cocktail at the Park Plaza Histria Yacht Club

Fruit Cocktail

Park Plaza Histria Yacht Club

After enjoying the sun and a cocktail by the water, we headed back to our own hotel the Park Plaza Arena Pula to shed the clothes and hit the pool deck. The weather was looking to turn bad overnight so we savoured the chance to get some last minute sun, which of course we over did. I have a wonderful burn on the top of my knees where my shorts ended earlier in the day, and now there is no chance to have more sun to even it out before I head to Dresden next week for Pride. Such is life. Look forward to photos from that on here next weekend! 

Later we enjoyed some truly excellent local wines, and cocktails before heading out into Pula to one of its newest bar/clubs The Shipyard. A quaint industrial-chic style bar with a DJ and table service, it seemed to be the place the young people go in order to have a good night out. Though Friday night the night was well in swing when we arrived just after 11 pm. Hot tip - go early and come home around 2 am. We're going out again tonight, but since we have an early flight I don't think we're going to find out if there are clubs open until 8 am on this trip, but I doubt it happens here. In any case, I think most people are here to enjoy the sun, and sea, rather than clubbing all night.